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So I have a Namecheap account and trying looking at an .app domain just now, but it says "We don't support this TLD". Because of this I am now on GoDaddys page pre-registering there.

Preregistrations don't really mean anything. We only do GA launches, which is on May 8.

Please get google to add you to https://www.registry.google/about/register.html

Lots of registrars are in there that aren't part of the Early Access Program.

Thanks. Definitely will.

So would someone be able to register on namecheap and have a chance at a .app domain against someone that used priority pre-registration at godaddy?

The GoDaddy thing is basically, "Pay us extra and we'll click for you automatically on May 8th." It's like paying Southwest Airlines $15 to check you in right at t-minus 24 hours before your flight...

Not exactly. Their Early Access Program actually guarantees you the name but the price point is higher.

They say they will completely refund you if you don't get the domain.

Not from what I see. It's listed as "Early Registration Fee (non-refundable)" in the cart.

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