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Ted from Namecheap here - we've been excited about this TLD launch for a couple of years now and we plan to sell .app domains! Stoked it's launching very soon.

Ted, any reason why you don't permit pasting the 2-factor auth code into the input box?

trust me, it's on the backlog to fix.

Is everything on the backlog? Still not supporting long DKIM keys. Still using deprecated and discouraged SMS as 2factor. Are your margins really that thin? It's been years :(

> It's been years :(

Check out this older thread from 2014: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8254757

"We're rolling out Google Authenticator support sometime in the fall." What happened? :(

We introduced an alternative to 2FA SMS - Authy OneTouch. We're working on adding TOTP as well.

Hey Ted, since you're here, may I please suggest that the future implementation of 2FA not require a separate app? Even though Namecheap is using Authy OneTouch, it still requires a dedicate app, which is unnecessary. Thanks.

We partnered with Authy/Twilio on this integration to try something new. Totally get that we need additional options.

Thanks for the reply Ted. Looking forward to something more standardised!

Just wanna give a quick +1 to this request. The lack of proper 2FA is one of my complaints as well.

Authy OneTouch pushes you towards some fairly strong platform and vendor lock-in, which I always try to avoid.

Great, thanks.

So I have a Namecheap account and trying looking at an .app domain just now, but it says "We don't support this TLD". Because of this I am now on GoDaddys page pre-registering there.

Preregistrations don't really mean anything. We only do GA launches, which is on May 8.

Please get google to add you to https://www.registry.google/about/register.html

Lots of registrars are in there that aren't part of the Early Access Program.

Thanks. Definitely will.

So would someone be able to register on namecheap and have a chance at a .app domain against someone that used priority pre-registration at godaddy?

The GoDaddy thing is basically, "Pay us extra and we'll click for you automatically on May 8th." It's like paying Southwest Airlines $15 to check you in right at t-minus 24 hours before your flight...

Not exactly. Their Early Access Program actually guarantees you the name but the price point is higher.

They say they will completely refund you if you don't get the domain.

Not from what I see. It's listed as "Early Registration Fee (non-refundable)" in the cart.

I bet all registrars are stoked when any new gTLD comes out, that auction and "valuable word"-based system must bring loads of cash. This one of the most outrageous, user-hostile things I've ever seen. It only preys on the need for brands to protect themselves while bringing no value and only confusion to end-users.

I definitely wouldn't say "loads of cash." .Com is still a very major part of any registrar's business. However, I like when new registries try new things that go beyond the namespace - requiring HTTPS could have a meaningful impact. Completely disagree that it's user-hostile — there are far fewer registration options in .com so opening up a new namespace gives users more flexibility in what they can register.

I just went onto one of the EAP registrars website and spoke with a 'domain consultant'.

This individual assured me for today our available .app domain can be registered and fully usable for $11999. Tomorrow the price goes down to $2999 or something like that.

How is this possible if Landrush is only a preregistration expression of interest?

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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