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I'm not sure how a .app TLD could be mistaken for a .app executable.

You severely overestimate the technical skill of the average user. And even people who know their way around computers rely heavily on patterns in order to identify relationships, so a strong pattern without an underlying relationship is, of course, going to lead to confusion.

The average user has no idea that the .app file extension even exists. macOS does not expose it in Finder.

Referring to Mac applications as "Mail dot app" is a thing that only geeks do in the first place.

Average user is able to learn.

gsich on May 1, 2018 [flagged]

I see, the downvote confirms the truth.

Please don't do this here; the site guidelines ask you not to:


Apple Finder (magnify glass in top right) by default will search both local executables on your computer, and (as a second best option) the net. If a user sees *.app in finder, they might be very well getting something they don't expect.

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