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Show HN: Polltime – Polls that can be texted (polltime.co)
34 points by jajoosam 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

I had coded something similar for TADHack 2018[0] we didn't get it as cleanly as this but we got it working enough to demo. I haven't had a good chance to post our original code yet though. Looks nice, would love to know about the back-end stack used. We used Flask / MongoDB for ours.

[0] http://blog.tadhack.com/2018/03/12/tadhack-mini-orlando-2018...

Ours is Poll IO (terrible name I know...)

I don't have much of a backend, just Express for form processing.

For a quick setup DB, using https://github.com/bluzi/jsonstore

Yeah I used MongoDB cause it was just a quick apt-get install away and I was ready to use it. I have not had the pleasure of using Express yet but I'm sure I will at some point.

> Ours is Poll IO (terrible name I know...)

Maybe you can make a come back thanks to anti-vaxxers.

Yeah... It was between Poll IO and Git Poll...

I'm a bit bewildered. I've created a pole, which takes me to a page with the question and options to vote or view the results. Am I then supposed to text that to my users for them to click the links? I was expecting your site to send out the texts and accept the options as replies.

Yeah you're supposed to send the links yourself, It's mainly meant for personal use on group chats.

Found a security loophole.Polltime stores your location data and emails visible publicly. https://ibb.co/eh7vG7

Simple, clean, gets the job done.

Have you thought about adding a box on homepage to text me an example to my phone? Probably with reassurance that the number won’t be saved and used again.

Nice job! I'm consistently impressed by your work ethic

Why not just use Strawpoll?

With polltime you get unique links for each option, meaning people can see options before the click on a link to vote - I think this would increase response rate, but no data to back that

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