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For your website, sagefy, how do you plan on being able to "assesses" the student's prior knowledge?

It seems to be a double-edge sword if you plan on using assessments (the only way I can think of to assess prior knowledge) to do it because people want immediate satisfaction. Unfortunately if you told people to take a 25 question pre-quiz before starting the course I am sure most would simply leave the website.

You could make the pre-quiz part of the "immediate satisfaction" by calibrating the questions so that the learner can feel good about their current knowledge without making them spend a long time solving difficult problems. Making a quiz fun is probably easier than doing the same for the actual learning part, which might require much more time before seeing any satisfying results.

Another way to assess knowledge would be to give the learner topics of varying difficulty to select from; it's unlikely that they'd choose something so easy that it'd be boring and in case the topic is too hard, there should be an escape route to something easier.

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