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I don't buy that you came up with this well known hack on your own. Thanks for sharing this lie with us.

And why not? That's the whole idea behind patents on stuff that does not require years of research being nonsense.

I've come up with plenty of stuff off the cuff like the GP writes, sometimes it works, plenty of times it doesn't. I only brag about the times it worked ;)

And rightly so. Sports guys talk about various glory moments where pure luck or doing the wrong thing (according to the fundamentals) worked out well. Fishing stories are all... yeah..

Basically all groups have their lore. Everyone knows it contains an element of bragging, a lot of BS and some downright fabrication. It's not about fact reporting, its about bonding, it's about highlighting certain aspects to demonstrate traits valued in the group, it's about passing on a generalized knowledge. Hell, some places "shooting the shit" is called "telling lies with the boys".

I've done this multiple times and never once had anyone flinch at the idea... its just WHAT YOU DO when your hard drive is messed up as one of the steps.

If you don't know this, you shouldn't be on hacker news.

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