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I've created probably over 100 video courses, hundreds of tutorials (written and video), for networks like TutsPlus (Envato), DigitalTutors, Pluralsight, LinkedIn Learning/Lynda.com, and my own site / yt channel.

I've always been a huge proponent of example-based learning, and less about theory and generalized concepts.

Still, though, I think the online tech ed space has a lot of growing up to do. In time, we'll all wise up to provide better experiences for learning. Until then, for the most part, we're stuck with:

1. Google: "How to do X in Y" 2. Watch 3 different videos or read 3 different articles 3. Apply it. 4. Run into a snag. 5. Google / Stackoverflow

To me untangling abstractions is always more difficult then building them up from the given premises. In other words, I believe generalizing from a given example to any level of abstraction is a straightforward process, but descending from built-up heights of abstraction down to the level of examples is a bit more involved.

You just described how I learn new things!

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