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[dupe] Scrcpy: Display and control of Android devices connected on USB (github.com)
93 points by ingve 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

dupe/former discussion (52d ago): https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16544977

Edit: This is about the author's originial blog post introducing the tool, he works at genymobile on this. It's awesome they FOSS'ed it.

Nice, now I can finally automate all the games that require me to grind through levels.

... as soon as I write something to recognize what's on screen, to write an engine to play well, and leave my phone and computer on overnight...

I've installed this, it's amazing, the tool I've been looking for forever. Thank you!

I think ADB has been providing similar capabilities since forever, but it haven't been nicely packaged up.

As usual, I guess this is a reminder of how developers often forget that how you package a feature is often as important (if not more) than the feature itself.

Edit: If you set it up on the Android device, you can also make ADB accessible over wifi... In such a config, maybe this tool could work without USB too?

I tried it with an older Nexus 4 and it works great. However, I am not able to control the display after a while. Closing and opening scrcpy works but is it possible to not have to do that? What am I doing wrong?

Fedora 27, Nexus 4 stock

Try using right click, it should wake the device up AFAIK.

There is a phone setting to leave screen on while debugging.

Thank you. I tried it. The device is awake. The screen is on. It takes my input from the mouse on my computer but the display on the computer (the window that shows the nexus 4 screen) stops updating after a bit.

Is there a way to turn debugging on or something so I can see what causes it?

When I first read about this I tried to compile it and it bogged down my work device (MacBook Pro 15in 2015, max buyable specs) and I had to kill it after 20+ minutes since I was at a meeting.

I'll try it again soon, though, as this tool can be immensely useful for demos on real devices.

Awesome. I have two otherwise perfectly fine Android phones that just happen to have broken screens. When I needed them, I was managing to do something similar using Vysor and later some simple screencapping script, but both sucked.

I hope they will release a new version soon, including the fixes for the wifi connection. With the 1.1 version the wifi connection still fails for me. Nevertheless, quite a nice move by genymotion to open source scrcpy :-)

Damn awesome. I didnt even know i needed this!

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