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As for me I just take good old piracetam every day (for more than 10 years already, huge doses occasionally) and feel great. Sadly it is not and will never be approved by FDA as no corporation is interested in funding credible research. Emoxypine is another substance that can be good do take regularly (though in recommended doses only, it is not nearly as dosage-flexible as piracetam AFAIK) if your brain fails to get the amounts of oxygen it needs.

Where did you find out about Emoxypine? Do you have any reliable references about this?

I have asked a friend of mine to bring some from Russia - it is available over the counter there under the brand names of "mexidol" and "mexiprim". Amazon.com search for emoxypine also yields a number of offers. AFAIK it is produced in Germany and is also available there under some brand name I don't know. No world-class credible research seems available but Russian and Chinese research says it is safe and helps brain to fight suffocation and oxidative stress. What the Wikipedia article says and my own experience is all I know about it. A friend of mine has told me he has taken too much of it (4 pills at a time) once and it made him very drowsy. I have never experienced any undesirable effects myself (because I've never tried taking more than 2 pills at a time probably).

I take emoxypine when I start feeling mild yet chronic feeling of suffocation during summer heat peak weeks. Walking in the woods helps even better but I don't have time to just walk there all day long. This happens to me every summer since my very childhood. I am not really sure if it actually works or if it's just a placebo effect (unlike to piracetam - I am absolutely sure piracetam effect is real).

are there any side effects( if any) that you've noticed on such long term use?

DISCLAIMER: I have no medical license or education. All my knowledge comes from Wikipedia, Reddit and my personal experience. The below is not a qualified medical advice nor a credible research result.

No side effects specifically related to long term use are known so far. Regular doctor check-ups don't show anything that could be related. Stopping taking piracetam (I do it occasionally for a month or two as a safety measure) is also never a problem - absolutely no withdrawal of any kind. The Russian instruction manual put in every box of piracetam there specifically recommends (at least it did a decade ago) to start taking it regularly as you reach 50 and keep taking it forever to fight brain aging, European instructions (piracetam is an approved over-the-counter medicine in some and a prescription medicine in others) lack this recommendation and recommend to avoid taking piracetam for periods exceeding 8 weeks without a doctor recommendation.

As for short-term side-effects (that can be experienced until a pill wears off) - it can increase anxiety/aggressiveness/paranoia etc slightly (which can affect you occasionally if you loose conscious awareness of the fact your feelings are altered by the substance, as long as you are conscious about it it is rarely a problem) and make it harder to fall asleep so don't take it at evenings and avoid it if you are prone to anger. Keeping your mouth shut is also harder under piracetam, make sure you don't tell people anything you shouldn't.

You may need (not necessarily, it depends) to be taking piracetam (I take 1200 mg 1-2 times a day usually, up to 8 times a day occasionally) for up to some weeks before you start feeling the difference.

WARNING: I'd also warn against taking it before driving (or try it with a bicycle first at least and make sure you do good at maintaining proper concentration), especially if you have ADHD - a piracetam-stimulated mind can start wandering between random ideas too vigorously occasionally and you can forget to pay enough attention to the road.

It also makes many brain-affecting substances (including alcohol) act stronger and wear-off faster and cures/prevents (not entirely but the difference can hardly go unnoticed) hangovers.

It plays amazingly well with alprazolam by eliminating drowsiness, maintaining sharp mind and vigor while alprazolam keeps your mood good and helps to concentrate. I believe it may also fight addiction/tolerance development but I have never been taking alprazolam or anything like that long enough to develop addiction.

It is also important to mention that modern piracetam derivatives (like carphedon or sunifiram) differ significantly and you can't extend all the above to them. They act instantly and produce great synergic effect with piracetam (piracetam + carphedon feels like enlightenment the first time you experience that) but are much less dosage-safe (never overdose sunifiram!) and play different with other stuff e.g. carphedon does NOT play nice with benzodiazepines according to my experience (but sunifiram does, sunifiram + piracetam + alprazolam = great productivity; and sunifiram is also known to increase neuroplasticity in particular AFAIK).

WARNING: I have no idea how any of the substances mentioned above may interact with statin or anticoagulants or affect blood pressure, please be very careful and consult with you doctor if you can (no american doctor can recommend piracetam or anything like that officially as these are not approved by FDA but maybe they should have a chance to warn you if your condition or the medicines you take are known to be incompatible with piracetam).

As additional anecdata ive tried the gamut of piracetam, oxiracetam, aniracetam, pramiracetam, coluracetam, sulbutiamine, etc. Out of them all i found oxiracetam to be the easiest to use since it doesnt require rather large doses or extremely small ones. I did notice that racetams made it easier to sustain focus but gave me a bit more tunnel vision, it was easier to miss things that were obvious in a more relaxed state. After prolonged use (more than 5 days or so) I would become somewhat more emotionally blunted and irritable. Im also a smoker and would recommend not mixing nicotine with racetams since they both impact nicotine acetylcholine receptors which are involved in many places but specifically in muscle control. On higher doses combined with more cigarettes I noticed my muscles would be extra tight and stiff which caused me to eventually discontinue use. Using moderate doses every other day without smoking I didnt notice any ill effect physically and felt I got more out of it by alternating states. Its hard to pin the emotional aspect on it as it could have been due to other life factors, just made existing feelings more apparent.

Isn't plain piracetam (or something else, you name it if you happen to know) the best when the primary task is to increase cerebral circulation, maintain neuroplasticity and fight brain aging rather than to get stimulated or improve concentration quickly?

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