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Show HN: A little eye-candy for the terminal (in Go) (github.com)
56 points by arsham 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 25 comments

We called this ASCII art and figlet when we were young. These keywords appear nowhere in the Git repository.

Many of the .flf files in https://github.com/arsham/figurine/tree/master/bin mention figlet etc in their comments.

Also on any Linux distribution you will find figlet available from the default repositories. :)


figlet + lolcat = figurine

I'm interested in the rainbow library (which does reference figlet https://github.com/arsham/rainbow/blob/master/README.md#see-...), but only to see if it's any faster than the painfully slow Ruby implementation of lolcat.

Well, the name came out of nowhere (sorry!). As for comparison with ruby, all I can say is figurine is a single binary, whereas ruby's lolcat requires ruby's VM.

There are a couple of benchmarks and you can run them with: $ go test -bench=.

Cool? Meaningless though

I love this sort of thing. Yes, as remarked by probably everyone here over the age of 40, we have had loads of terminal shiny stuff for decades. However, here we see the tradition continue at least one or two human generations later and in a modern programming language.

It's funny that despite the fact that GUIs with mice, menus and things have been around for a bloody long time: you can't beat a terminal prompt for many tasks. Mind you my terminals these days looks rather better than the twinax connected beasts of yesteryear that I looked after. I don't remember transparency options on those.

Have a look at https://github.com/nojhan/liquidprompt for more eye-candy for your prompt - it does look rather good and I've been using it on one machine for at least a year with no snags. However that project may be needing an active developer judging by the last commit and Issues.

I'd recommend spaceship prompt if you want an actively maintained prompt with similar features.


Wow, it is interesting how this project ties together the devops environment with the user interface. I feel this is higly domain dependent: As soon as I install this on my cluster system where http://modules.sourceforge.net/ is commonly used, it doesn't help me any more. Same with my home brewn environment based build system for my C++ project. Obviously, the spaceship-prompt needs support to be built for such environments.

This does not reduce the enormous efforts of the author to include all the different ecosystems, thought.

That's nice. I'm using https://github.com/bhilburn/powerlevel9k with zsh.

Author of P9k, here. Glad you're enjoying it! =)

Mate, P9k is fantastic, thanks for developing it!

Thanks so much! Wait till you see the next release... we have some huge improvements coming =)

Can't wait!

Nice work! Would be good to add a CLI option for specifying a font.

Thanks! Please create an issue and specify your requirements and I will add them.

Thanks for the suggestion, done!

Occasionally this outputs F'DK'M instead of GAELAN for me. Maybe an issue with some of the fonts?

Looks like an off by one error. I'm seeing this error as well for some of the fonts.

Just added a flag (-v) to print out the font. Please let me know which font is broken and I will remove it. Thanks. You can also choose a specific font if you want.

Some fonts are broken I think.

quite funny. check lolcat if you are intrested: https://github.com/busyloop/lolcat

Would like ability to pipe cow-say into it (or any random set of strings) on which it will then just add the colour effect.

You can pipe the cow-say to this program: https://github.com/arsham/rainbow Is that what you're after?

This pleasantly reminds me of faders for chat programs like AIM :)

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