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Turning a broken iPhone into a working USB flash drive [video] (youtube.com)
44 points by lovelearning 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

It's a 20min+ video about a guy soldering a NAND flash chip to a board designed to accept said NAND flash chip. Amazingly, Scotty manages to still make it interesting by giving you an unpolished view of his process; he documents his failures, successes and his interactions with people in Shenzhen.

If you're looking for the engineering side though you might be disappointed, there isn't much technical content here. It's more of a hackers guide to getting something working.

I watched his video and legitimately had a smile on my face when he finally got it to work.

I feel that it tells the story of many makers, and I see myself in it. I can feel his face wearing out and I see it in my face when I couldn't get something to work so badly. I'm sure anyone who has ever worked on a hard project can also empathize. At least this project I can feel like it's just small hardware that is the obstacle, the flash chip probably has a datasheet somewhere to make the whole process possible.

Watching his other memory upgrade video, I couldn't imagine how much work that is to reverse engineer the flash memory contents of the iPhone chip to change its configuration. I wonder how much sweat, labor, and ingenuity went into that software. And we probably will never get to know who it is that is behind that software.

I enjoyed his previous videos where he customized a large part of his iPhone haha. It's insane how many parts you can buy in Shenzhen.

He also added a headphone jack to an iPhone 7;


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