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I was looking at Fenn's poem the other day and did a little frequency analysis. It's interesting to see three 'W's on one line, two 'Q's on another, every other letter present except 'X'. Maybe find the X, as in 'X marks the spot'?

He says he spent 15 years working on this poem.

The map is unusual. It's rare to show magnetic declination lines - I suspect there might be a clue there. Land ownership is seemingly a clue too. Nobody who grew up in the west would hide treasure on someone else's private land and then claim he did it to get people outdoors. In many of these areas, people don't appreciate trespassing. Tribal land is out of the question too, unless he's crazy.

Eh, well, the declination theory is probably nothing. There is apparently another map blessed by him w/o declination and land ownership.


He claims all you need is the map, then leaves more offline clues in interviews than on the map, e.g. above 5000 feet, near pine, near a road from which he could make two trips in an afternoon. That is sort of annoying - seems a treasure map /poem should be self-contained.

"The treasure is out there waiting for the person who can make all the lines cross in the right spot."

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