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> all artefacts that Fenn, a self-taught archaeologist, amassed during his own sometimes controversial explorations in the Southwest, reports Vox. The millionaire was criticised in the 1990s for excavating the San Lazaro Pueblo Indian site he bought, for example, and the FBI searched his home in 2009 in connection with the sale of artefacts looted from the Four Corners area, though no charges were filed.

It sounds like a lot of people in the world might consider the treasure to have been stolen. Who is searching for a treasure that doesn't seem to clearly belong to even the person who buried it?

People are dying for this treasure, which was created through "controversial" means while a 'self-taught' archeologist was digging around. It seems he clearly had no formal training in morals, may not have been accompanied by others, and very well may have stolen the entirety of the treasure from potentially rightful owners.

Seems like not a treasure worth dying for to own. Chances of becoming a millionaire by starting a business and working hard for many years? Somewhat reasonable, probably.

Chances of dying looking for stolen treasure? Not worth it.

What about your chances of dying while not spending your time outdoors, in one of the most beautiful parts of the United States?

A man died walking down the street in New York because a piece of fire escape fell off and hit him in the head. I wonder if he'd rather have died in the wilderness, if he were given the chance.

I think you're just trying to dissuade the competition!

It's a shame you got downvoted. I was interested in this article because I hadn't realsied before the controversy around his aquiring of the treasure.

If there's controversy there, that definitely needs to make it into articles about this treasure. Maybe whoever finds it will be an Indiana Jones type - "It belongs in a museum!"

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