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I work at Fermilab. This is still a thing. In fact it is getting difficult to find the uncoated aspirin that dissolves in the same way it did back on the day.

If the originals were uncoated, shouldn't it be very easy to just make your own and make sure it dissolves at exactly the rate you need?

Regardless, always nice to see people using creative low tech solutions to serious problems.

I'm sure a new solution will be adopted some day. The aspirin is likely just a novel cheap and, at the time, easily available solution. Possibly we won't need them in the future because we'll accelerate beam with superconducting rf cavities. Check out the PIP2 project https://pip2.fnal.gov/how-works.html

Wouldn't it be simple (if a little laborious) to crush up the coated aspirin and then use a pill press to make new pills?

You can also just scrape the coating off with a knife or rasp/file.

FYI: I'm willing to do the scraping, just so I can say I work at Fermilab :)

Wait, don't you have problems with vacuum at Fermilab? Or is the leakage on the outside of the cavity?

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