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First stable version of CKEditor 5 is out – collaborative editing for your app (ckeditor.com)
34 points by Reinmar on Apr 26, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

The pricing model might have been ok a few years ago but now with ProseMirror, Quill, Slate and others it would be pretty hard to justify for a SaaS to spend that much.

The demos are pretty cool though, especially the collaboration + comments one.

It took 3 years for 20 people to build CKEditor 5 + collaborative editing plugins + a scalable cloud infrastructure for all this. What's more, unlike many others, CKEditor 5 itself has nearly 9000 tests (3x more than React) and won't disappear next year. We're already on this market for 15 years and plan to support CKEditor 5 for at least 8 years.

We haven’t yet seen any other complete real-time collaborative editing solution on the market (excluding Google Docs and Dropbox Paper which you can’t integrate with your application). And I think that it's not a coincidence that we're first here. This field is extremely demanding and we're one of the very few who have the experience in it.

We totally understand that there will always be the free option out there, but we're sure that those who opt to go with CKEditor precisely understand the benefits of what they're paying for.

Together with CKEditor 5 v10.0.0 we released plugins enabling real-time collaborative editing in CKEditor 5 :)

Check out the demo on https://docs.ckeditor.com/ckeditor5/latest/features/collabor...

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