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What's the financial ROI effort spent to "save Ram" on developer's computers versus just adding hardware capacity to those same computers? The ROI should include productivity gained lost based on delivery schedule, the costs of ongoing app maintenance, the cost of finding developers in whatever alternative to electron is chosen, the value in terms of security and bug fixes that a mainstream project like Electron provides, and the economic value of having RAM on developer computers available for other business productive purposes. My gut assumption is that $200 of RAM upgrades across 50 developers is probably cheaper, but I could be mistaken. Good luck.

Not everyone can upgrade their RAM without switching to new hardware, and the company's probably not going to invest in that across their entire dev team just to accommodate one new internal app unless it's truly mission-critical. And heck, Mac laptops still max out at 16GB.

And it's not just RAM. Electron rendering is slowwwww.

I don't disagree that there may be a hardware upgrade. My point is that without running numbers increasing development, maintenance, and risk in order to "save RAM" is dogma not engineering. Rendering speed is just one consideration. That's why Slack.

That may be. But there's also no point in building something at all if your target audience's hardware won't run it or if it'll slow those machines to a crawl. There's a decent chance that the OP has no power over the pursestrings that would need to be opened for a hardware upgrade.

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