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Show HN: TVStoMP4 ā€“ TeamViewer session file to MP4 conversion service (tvstomp4.com)
26 points by dementik 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 21 comments

Please say you pronounce it "Teevee Stomp 4."

Also this is a rad idea. Well done!

Haha, actually we noticed the stomp-word at some point and it is rather hard to un-notice :)

We thought about freemium but at current setup it is quite challenging to implement. All tasks launch new virtual server for conversion and overhead for short files is just too much.

I don't use TeamViewer but it seems to me that it has format conversion built-in already?


What is the difference between that and your product?

Yes, thats true. But creating mp4 files with TeamViewer requires quite a bit codec installing and resulting file can be either enormous file size or lacks audio etc.

If you want to challenge this, try to create reasonable mp4 file with TeamViewer :)

edit just to add that Mac OS version of TeamViewer does not have conversion feature at all.

However, once one comes up with a suitable ffmpeg command line, it is literally one click to do the conversion locally. No need to upload something, not even to wait or to pay.

Handbrake for those that are CLI impaired. I've gotten great results with ffmpeg and use it often to share videos

Well, we are just waiting for that one :)

Well. Reality kicked in and now it seems that Digitalocean Spaces (ams3 region) is down. As you may notice that we are using Spaces for file storage, our service goes down when DO Spaces (at least ams3 region) is down.

And now DO got issue solved.

It's amazing how much people are commenting here just to say "your product has zero value because this should be possible to do with X".

They say that without having tried X. Why?

Good question. I think most think that this process is trivial and doable with ffmpeg etc.

TVS is still proprietary format by TeamViewer and that raises the challenges here.

I had this problem last year, and the only thing I managed to do was forcing my peers to all install TeamViewer :)))

Very specific service that potentially can generates you enough side-income :) I love this kind of project!

If anything, maybe create a freemium model... make it free for anything less than 3 mins?

Thanks for feedback. It is good to see we werent only ones who have faced this challenge :)

Freemium could be good, but at current setup it is not easy to implement.

Still, that would be quite nice feature.

Interesting but not really useful. You can easily record your session yourself with a free program and skip this rediculous 1ā‚¬ per 10 min. fee. Also the website does look like it was hacked together in like..maybe also 10mins ? I would take it down and rework it to a more mature product.

Edit: There could be more features like auto upload to youtube etc. or automated marking of the current broadcaster

Thanks for feedback!

I can assure you it took longer than 10 minutes but we saw that getting this online was more important than getting it look beautiful.

Of course you can use 3rd party screen recorder to save that, but that's one extra step there.

Auto upload to youtube could be one option, but it requires getting authorization from user.

Converting TVS files to _reasonable_ MP4 is quite hard and time-taking task and we are trying to automate it. With a fee.

If you guys decide to shelve the project in the future, or deem it economically unviable, Iā€™d be interested in facilitating incorporating your code into ffmpeg. But only if it turns into abandonware. Hope it pays off for your team!

Why are you talking about yourself in third person

I dont know if this was directed to me but I was talking on behalf of our "team" which consist of two persons.

Handbrake (Max OS X) should handle it without a problem.

Yes it should, but it wont.

Just checked this.

Handbrake on Mac OS handles this with message 'No valid source found'.

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