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I’m trying to understand exactly what this is. Is it like Twine?

It's like Twine. AFAIK Twine is mostly for publishing directly to the web.

Ink is more suited for embedding in a game which adds additional presentation or gameplay stuff on top of the text, using some other language/engine (like Unity). It will handle the text stuff, and provide hooks/bindings for the rest of the game to use.

I think the presentation is different. In Twine you have multiple pages of text, linking and branching using hyperlinks. You can publish your game as a html file.

Whereas, in Ink, IIRC the flow is like scrolling text. New passages appear below the older ones, depending on choices made. I don't know a lot about Ink to be honest.

It is similar to twine. The Inkle games so far have either been adaptations of Choose Your Own Adventure-style books or very much like that. You read some text and then you have a few choices. They also have some very basic combat in the Sorcery! adaptations.

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