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Show HN: RemoteML – Job Directory for Remote Machine Learning Positions (remoteml.com)
99 points by dmonn 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

With so many remote job boards, some of them could do more to be useful to target customers (people looking for jobs, not companies posting them) by not simply being "remote job board for X, Y or Z", rather focus on the facets of what makes working remote actually work.

Time zones, for example. A lot of remote jobs are with companies that only consider remote work to be work done from your home and only if in the same city as their office, and during the same hours. While this technically shouldn't matter, it greatly limits the success and talent pool available when you don't consider all the available time zones and cities which are great for remote workers.

Additionally, I've found working remote for companies that don't have a remote first culture to feel more like grunt in the corner that is ignored than part of a team and as an experienced professional with values and insights to contribute to the team. While that might seem like a great deal on paper — lower on costs — it works out terribly in the long run with ROI.

Working with a completely distributed team (no HQ) on the other hand is the best job I've had in 10 years, both in terms of culture, team dynamics, subject matter, salary, location, work environment, etc etc.

I am European and something that bothers me a lot are companies that are hiring remotely, but then ask me to relocate or are US-only. That's why I added a category on every RemoteML job post: Anywhere, Remote US and Remote near HQ

Unfortunately that's a reality. This happens to me a lot. Remote work JUST for US citizens. The irony is that most of those companies pay attention to not discriminate people (minorities, sex orientation, disabilities and other things) but they discriminate those that don't have USA passport :-(

This should include compensation ranges.

Good point. Will add in the future!

I had made a job board for machine learning as well. https://mljobslist.com/

Posting a job is free also, unless you want it featured.

I'm glad to see more competition.

Your site on mobile has a few issues:

1) the typing thing you're doing continuously shifts the page when I'm scrolling through, regardless how far past I am from it. Really annoying.

2) The fonts don't seem to scale well to smaller screens (weird word wrapping)

I'm on an iPhone 5s.

i resent the fact that machine learning has taken over the ML acronym. :(

What other meaning did it displace?

Likely they're referring to ML, the programming language https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ML_%28programming_language%29

I'm curious, did people ever actually refer to those languages as ML? I've taken classes in Standard ML ("SML") and OCaml and I don't think we ever called them just "ML" besides acknowledging in the intro that ML the official family of languages that those dialects fall under.

I generally view ML as a family of languages, generally consisting of algebraic data types, pattern matching, first class functions, currying, idiomatically functional.. Members are Standard ML, Ocaml, F#, Elm, Haskell, and to a lesser degree Rust.

This looks like a cash-grab

Everything starts small. Give it a chance.

Thanks :)

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