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Nice thing is you can use this in an offensive manner too.

Japanese forums have been raided by Chinese trolls in the past. Now the Japanese just post a statement about Tienanmen square and poof, no more Chinese attendance, as the Great Firewall starts blocking...

Interesting times.

I wonder why the Chinese internet is still even connected to the Internet (other than for cyber-warfare).

Well, let's not forget that a significant percentage of the "decentralized" bitcoin mining network, operates out of China[0].

Currently BTC.COM[1] and AntPool[2] combined make up 42.5% of the network and both are both owned by Bitmain, a company headquartered in Beijing.

ViaBTC[3] is also a Chinese mining company operating out of Shenzhen and has 10.1%. I'm not going to bother checking the rest since that's already 52.6% of the network controlled by 2 companies under 1 authoritarian regime.

[0] https://blockchain.info/pools

[1] https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/BTC.com

[2] https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/AntPool

[3] https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/viabtc

I wonder why I haven't heard that repeated more often. That is not good.

Interesting, I guess someone could use this to evict Chinese players from a game using that.

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