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There's not a huge difference between modular electronics and plain old electronics. When you dig into it a bit you still need to understand the same sort of stuff.

Practical Electronics for Inventors is a really good book to get started with this sort of stuff: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Practical-Electronics-Inventors-Fou...

Once you realise that under the modules there's the same MOSFET input stages, MOSFET output stages, diodes and voltages that you get in discrete electronics, it all becomes pretty clear how to make things talk and interact.

Did a search just to make sure this book is mentioned. It's a treasure of just-enough-of-everything to help you understand basic electronics and protocols, as well as little gotchas and things to look out for. I highly recommend it.

It's really a great book, but as a warning that got me if you're more of a paperback fan: it's GIGANTIC. I bought it planning to read it on the train to work. It never even occurred to me that the thumbnail might be hiding its true size ;)

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