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Norway seems to be progressive and open-minded about this kind of thing. They have a massive sovereign wealth fund which has built up on the back of a successful national oil industry. However, last year they announced their intention to divest from oil and gas stocks. Whether or not this is to try and make the fund more environmentally and socially responsible, or if they genuinely believe that these are poor investment choices is an interesting question.


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Don't they have some requirement by law to always look to the next 50 years or something rather than the usual politician outlook of "however long I am in office for, to benefit me the most."

I would imagine over the next 50 years oil and gas is going to be a worst investment than renewable simply because by then it will have largely run out?

Then again when companies such as BP are increasing their investments into renewable energy sources it makes sense to see Norway doing the same.

The sovereign wealth fund has a full time philosopher on it's staff; policy decisions are required to have an active input from said philosopher around a number of issues, in particular ethics.[0]

[0] https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB113340298608010935

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