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Engigogo Digest – A weekly newsletter of links and product suggestions (engigogo.com)
14 points by savydv on April 25, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

> Engigogo Digest is a weekly newsletter full of interesting, relevant links, product suggestions, curated in spare time by @kantbtrue & @savydv.

Who are these people and why should I care about what they find interesting? What makes them stand out as a currators of interesting topics and articles that I would give you my email address and have you email me a newsletter ?

(Reading that back I don't intend it to be offensive or insulting, I just don't know how to express it better...) You want to collect peoples email addresses but I see nothing on that site that explains why I would find your newsletter interesting. OK, you have a section for developers and I'm a developer, so why should I subscribe?

Who are you?

I don't get why you ask this question (also no offense intended). Either some random person posts interesting content on the web and I'm happy to enjoy it.. or not. I don't see them selling this really hard or trying to persuade anyone that this is the definitive list to read. I kind of get the angle of "why would I give you my email address?" - but even then it's up to you to trade it for a perceived benefit of useful content.

Hi! Your questions are not offensive, in fact, I find it essential to add this to the faq on our site. Maybe it is right time to share who I am and why I have started it.

I (Saurabh) and my brother (Shashikant) are full stack developers. We had started our carrier as the freelance front-end developer and website troubleshooter. We had worked for 3 years before starting a small web studio (1.5 years back). Throughout these years we have maintained a spreadsheet of interesting and essential resources and tools. We have also frequently used start up stash and similar sites to find what is best. But we have faced a number of problems during this period like to find which tools are better, what are the latest tools and which are the tools that others are using. And also the problems regarding frequently updating the spreadsheet.

So simply we thought it is a great idea to make a community-curated resource and tools directory where users can suggest latest tools, share their views/discuss and upvote the tools that they have used and satisfied with. That's why we have started Engigogo.com as a small side-project. Engigogo is at its initial stage and only a few weeks old.

From the day we have started working on Engigogo, we have encountered with a number of interesting resources, tools, and links that are awesome but unfortunately don't directly fall into any of the Engigogo's library. We thought it could be better if we share these links and tools with other similar thinkers. That's why we have started Engigogo Digest.

As you can see on Engigogo Digest's website, it is a publication type site where everyone can read the newsletter and don't even need to subscribe the newsletter. We have made it that way because our purpose is NOT to grab your email id, instead, we just want to share what we have found interesting.

If you find it interesting then you can visit the site every week and you don't need to subscribe it. The subscription part is just to make it easy to have the latest issues in the inbox instead of visiting the site every week.

I hope I've answered all your questions. And thank you for asking and giving us the opportunity to introduce our self and motto.

hi, good reply. I geninuely did not mean offense with my post but my writing is poor and I sometimes don't recognise that I'm being insulting and I might come across a bit dickish sometimes when I didn't mean to (people tell me this). I'm working on it though!

I think having a bit of a background on who you are is a good idea. So, right now it's just you and your brother but you plan on having other contributers submit potentially interesting posts?

Do you feel you are competing with blog sites like Medium.com (which I find really hit or miss or when it comes to quality).

I probably won't give you my email address (I'm fussy that way), but I'll bookmark your site and check in every now and again and see if there is anything that interests me.

Anyway, good luck! I probably should have said that in my original reply and sorry again if it came across badly.

There is an entire issue of the newsletter on the page. If you like it subscribe, if not pass. Really that simple.

The problem with these things is often they end up becoming irrelevant product pitches by startups and as someone who has something to advertise I find neither the business nor the readers really benefit. How do you intend to make the content relevant and high quality? That is the key to success with something like this I think.

Kudos to also producing a functional RSS feed so one does not have to leak their e-mail address. I just wish that websites would advertise RSS more.

If this newsletter interests you, you may also like [Changelog Weekly](https://changelog.com/weekly).

How old is too old to be part of the new generation of developers and designers?

Interestingly, email breaks this type of content for me.

Whenever I subscribe to any "digest" in email form it piles up and sits unread in my inbox (well, in a subfolder, but still clearly visible until I "mark as read" without reading it). Maybe sometimes it's because it's just too long and hardly anyone manages to post enough interesting links (for me, on a regular basis) that I find the time to click through them. I also don't really follow blogs that primarily post links anymore. TLDR: Complaining because I'm a weird person, I guess.

Quite the hypocrite, been doing this myself for years, with a readership that borders on a dozen :P ( http://f5n.org/stack/ ) but I've never sent out emails and don't plan to.

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