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Please stop linking to Bloomberg.

The auto-play video at least is muted, but when you go and press the pause button it... unmutes the video. Then you have to press it again to actually pause.

Fuck these guys and their dark patterns.

Bloomberg remains a well written and research news organization. Most news sites attempt to monetize their content somehow.

You point out a valid problem, but, this is hacker news, and it is completely possible to find a technical solution to your problem that doesn't involve ignoring a major news channel. Try U-block, or ghostery, the combination of which seems to prevent the video from playing entirely on my system.

EDIT: Clarity of phrasing

I’m more likely to click a Bloomberg link than most traditional news sources on HN. I believe the video can be scrolled past without interacting with it.

I use this to stop videos (although some sites have still found ways around it by making a "click to read" that plays the video.


Better than the NYT/WSJ/etc links that slam you right into paywalls.

Use this bookmarklet:


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