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Automation and management of open source databases in the cloud (severalnines.com)
21 points by fwlymburner 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

We used this a few years ago for MySQL Cluster automated installation, management and control. It is still the only really good product out there for NDB.


I used this about 2 years ago and it was absolute junk...it couldn't run a mongo cluster and seemed to be half complete functionality wise. They were certainly more than willing to take my license fee.

I see it still has a very dated UI. Hopefully the system actually does what the company promises.

Hi, we spent all last year improving the MongoDB functionality AND we hired a UX designer who has revamped the UI (and is continuing to) Soooo.... try it again, would love to know if you still like its "junk" :)

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