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Show HN: ScreenFocus. Working with multiple monitors made right (apptorium.com)
15 points by emkaka 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

$4.00 seems too low to make ongoing support and maintenance economically viable. It seems too high to compete with free. For the target market segment, the economic value of the app is probably hundreds of dollars a month and the alternative solution of writing it themselves is probably thousands of dollars of potentially billable time...anyway, my random advice is don't be embarrassed about charging meaningful money and don't try to price the app to entice people who really want it to be free. Price it for people who will value it based on ROI. The target market is people with the money to spend on an Apple computer and multiple monitors. There's plenty of money in that market.

Good luck.

Thanks for your comment! We made 50% off for start, so the final price is $8.

What is the price that is fair in your opinion?

I don't really think that there's a general concept of fair price. I'll come back to the idea that the typical user for your product has probably spent several thousands of dollars on their system. Because the context is productivity, the value of your product to them is not tied to being cheap. It is tied to making the person more productive. For the target user, how much is staying in flow worth over the course of a year?

It isn't a consumer app. It's not going to sell a million copies over two years. Maybe at $4.00 it sells at thousand copies. That means supporting a 1000 users for $4000. At $40.00 maybe it sells 80 copies. $3200 to support 80 users isn't great, but those 80 users made a hard decision based on ROI not low cost. It means that they are more likely to be happy with what it does and live with what it doesn't do. Because all it needs to do is what it says it will do for those users. And $40 is not a lot of money for a productivity boost. $400 isn't either...but that might be stretching it.

Anyway, at $40.00-$400.00 it makes economic sense to talk to every customer, and for what they paid they will not find it objectionable. Anyway, this is something with very low network effects. One user buying it doesn't add value for the next person buying it. Raw numbers of users don't really matter. At best, there's word of mouth benefit from users. That means the product and experience need to be really really good.

Thanks. That really made me thinking!

$8 once, forever?

I'd say this could be $20 - $30 forever or more. Sublime is $80 for each version, Synergy is $40. That's your market area.

$8 is high for mobile, $8 is CHEAP (it makes it seem like you will cut corners) on PC. Your market isn't casuals, it is hardcore users who will splash the cash for something.

I love this idea actually.

there is a spelling error on the site: ...Dim any nuber of screens...

Thanks. Fixed.

I've been using Haze Over for years now. https://hazeover.com/ Does this do anything differently than Haze Over?

Haze Over dims everything but current window. ScreenFocus focuses the entire screen.

Just realized this is OS X only! I want this for Ubuntu and I'll give you $30 for it. :)

I feel like this could be built fairly easily.

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