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What of the lowly page number (theoutline.com)
35 points by diodorus 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

One interesting I've noticed in older books is that instead of page numbers (which are sort of like indices in an array), they used a system of writing the first word of the recto (right page) at the bottom right corner of the verso (left page) creating a linked list of sorts.

You can see some examples in this book https://archive.org/details/opticksortreatis1730newt (although it has page numbers too).

Useful for copying books before the printing press, you can check your copy by scanning through this word list

They would count the number of each letter for the bible, for example

very cool, does anyone happen to if there's a term for this?

Those animated section separators (<hr>) are very distracting. Consider that someone might want to focus on the text!

I worked on page number extraction for a large online retailer. There were some amazing places they could be located. Stacked numbers indicating location in book/section/chapter, middle of the outside margin, mixed up based on if it was a title page or main body page.

What of the lowly Page Down key? It certainly can't scroll this website.

It looks like a focus problem. Click or select something in the page, like a word of text, and then scrolling with the keyboard works (at least for me on Firefox and Chrome on OS X).

(Instead of clicking, hitting tab once worked for me also)

It's kinda funny that theoutline.com becomes readable when accessed from outline.com

I'd noticed ...

This website just breaks scrolling in general. On iOS it prevents the top chrome from disappearing.


I didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on a mechanical keyboard with custom caps and switches to “click”.

No clicky keys?

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