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53% did not delete FB or tighten their privacy settings post Cambridge Analytica (besttechie.com)
22 points by Sonnol53 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

A single poll on a Silicon Valley social bubble chat app is not an appropriate way to draw any conclusions regarding a 2 billion person service.

It’s embarrassing the author is even suggesting it’s relevant.

I didn't change my privacy settings, because I already assume that everything I do on Facebook is essentially public, like any other bulletin board type service.

Also, I only connect to Facebook via Chrome, on my desktop Mac at home, where I use Firefox for all other browsing; on my phone and laptops, I don't use Messenger or connect to Facebook at all. I'm sure they have found sneaky ways of figuring out more about me than I'd prefer, but not so much that additional security precautions seem worthwhile.

Alternative headline: 47% of users tightened their privacy settings or deleted Facebook post Cambridge Analytica

Yep, though actually 9% had no Facebook (before and after the Cambridge Analytica scandal) so they should be removed form the base altogether, they are part of the survey sample but not of the Facebook userbase i.e.:

100% = 100-9=91

53/91=58% did not change anything

24/91=26% tightened settings

14/91=15% deleted account

+/- 1% due to rounding

My first thought as well. Also what about poeple who already had there settings as tight as they can get? This was the case for me.

47% seems huge though, even if the sample was biased from a technically savy population.

Not everyone cares about privacy and you can't force them to. It's still a good thing to try to sensitize as much persons as possible but we can't be surprised when some of them don't feel concerned. And there are probably also some people who had already set their privacy settings before.

If nearly 14% did, that’s amazing and a much larger percentage than I would have ever expected. Of course depending on the methodology, and given the diversity of FB accounts, 5000 in a survey is probably meaningless. Still, let’s give it a huge error bar and say it’s between 7% and 21%. That’s still a ton of people, and you have to wonder if they were people central to the content and networks that keep others around.

The only way to tell will be the trend, not the snapshot.

I already had my privacy settings where I wanted them (about 90% of the way to “fully public all the time”)

As long as I get completely irrelevant ads, I like to think I am fine. :-)

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