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Show HN: A collection of recursive CSS specimens (recurss.github.io)
58 points by mattbierner 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Playing about with some of these crashed my Firefox tab. Seems interesting, but snot something I would personally deploy.

Neat little idea. Brings me back to the mid-2000s when CSS playgrounds/css-garden/css edge were all a thing.

I used to love those. And css is so much more powerful today too!

I should really throw together a simple playground page though. The website itself is just a jekyll wrapper for a page with <div><div><div>...</div></div></div>, but if you just want to play around, the number of steps required to get it setup and running the first time is a bit crazy

Threw together a basic playground: https://recurss.github.io/playground/

This is great! Love it.

Playing with CSS is easier than ever!


CodePen really shows how specialized we've become, compared to the days when CSS Zen Garden was huge.

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