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Creating a Google Docs clone with WebSockets (javalin.io)
38 points by javalin 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

It would be good to mention operational transformation for managing changes between collaborators.


Quill editor has a pretty good implementation of this called “Delta” that I’ve used to build something similar before.


Not to mention Quill is a great library overall!

I added both links, thanks!

To the mod that removed the "Show HN" tag, could you explain why? I don't really mind, I just want to understand. This isn't a blog-post, and it contains source code that can be tried out. It's also for a library/framework that I'm making, so to me it feels like I'm doing a "show".

The statement made by the title is a GREAT stretch even for the most imaginative. This is not close to a google docs clone.

Well, I agree. The title was originally just `realtime-collaboration-example` (as the URL says), but someone said "like google docs then", and I thought why not. If I had to name just one feature of google docs it would be the shared document.

Edit: Also, the HN title was edited by a HN mod, the title I used to post here was "Show HN: Basic Google Docs clone in Kotlin with WebSockets (tutorial)"

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