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No, because in doing so I can help a hundred other people save an hour of their life as well.

Yes, but in that hour you could also make something that does not exist yet which would help hundreds of people. This would arguably be worth a lot more than $5.

I want to build a sustainable lifestyle as an indie maker, and I feel like $5 is the optimal price point to help me achieve that. Too cheap and I need _a lot_ more sales to get there. Too expensive and it will be difficult to get people to buy. So far this price point has generated 100+ sales.

If he sells this to people whose hourly rate is $50, and hypothetically it would take each an hour to write, then he just created an economic surplus of $45 for each of those people, while he only took $5 for each sale.

If he sells enough the income could allow him to create even more useful things for other people.

There is nothing wrong with selling something you created.

I'm an open source enthusiast. I run Linux on my MacBook Pro. Still, people should be able to sell what they created if they want to.

See my other comment on why I don't believe in the "economic surplus" argument: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16899924

That being said, I don't understand the use of this app at all. But other people seem to find it useful.

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