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Maybe wait longer than 5 hours before trying to repost the same thing?

Honest feedback: when I land on a site that asks me to watch a video to understand the thing, I almost always just close the tab. Put in enough info for me to understand why I'd want this without having to watch the video.

That's interesting, I always feel the opposite -- when I open a page about some software that doesn't have a video I often close the page immediately because I want to see how something works in practice not just in description.

If the description / pictures sell me on the thing being valuable, I pretty immediately download it to try out. In my experience, the time/value tradeoff of watching a video (which in a lot of cases has either extra fluff or has been cleaned up) vs just trying the app/service/etc is not worth it. Which makes it critical that the static contents of the page have enough detail to convince me there's a chance the app could fill a use case for me.

I want a text description and screenshots but I don't watch videos.

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