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Freedom: a Mac app that gives you up to three hours of internetlessness (ibiblio.org)
15 points by bouncingsoul on Apr 21, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

For a slightly less drastic solution, install the Firefox plugin LeechBlock.


It will allow you to block time consuming websites at time you configure.

I block Reddit, Digg, and Hacker News throughout the day with the exception of the first hour of the morning, over the lunch hour, and from 5:30pm on.

or 8aweek.com

Luckily you don't need this if you have a mac mini. The wireless card in it is so shitty that it essentially performs this service for you randomly throughout the day.

Bravo! I wish something like this existed on Linux: preferably implemented in the kernel so that it cannot be overridden with ifconfig or another command. Also: cute name for such a service: Go DOS Yourself.

It's too Clockwork Orange-y.

Just develop some freaking self-control.

This is actually not a bad idea, considering that pretty much everyone uses distributed version control now. Set the timer for an hour, commit commit commit, push, read hackernews, repeat. :)

It would be easy for the service to reject port 80 but allow the port used by the version-control system.

More difficult would be allowing access to programming documentation on the web while rejecting time-wasting web sites. One idea is to reject any web page that has changed in the last 24 hours on the theory that the time-wasting sites are constantly changing (are topical) whereas the sites you need to do your work are not. (I do not know if it possible programatically to determine when a page last changed.)

Honestly, I just removed reddit from my bookmarks toolbar, and make a conscious effort to not go there. That has made me much more productive even during "downtime". The side effect is that I post here more, but at least there is the lock out feature if I notice I'm wasting too much time here ;)

the only problem with this is that I use the internet for coding a lot (online docs, etc) I guess 10 minute spurts of freedom might be nice.

How ironic: "Freedom enforces freedom"

when I need "freedom" I just turn off my google notifier. no endless new mail sounds to distract me.

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