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HackerRank is hiring a Solution Engineer
10 months ago | hide
HackerRank is looking to hire a Solution Engineer (SE) who can work closely with our customers to implement the product in the right way. The term implementation refers to two things:

(a) Helping answer technical queries by customers both pre-sale & post-sale. For eg: how do you ensure that a Python code is given the same CPU resources as a C++ code to ensure fairness in evaluation since Python is a slower (interpreted) language than C++ (compiled)?

(b) Ensuring the tests are implemented right. For every (job role, seniority) we have a set of challenges that are appropriate. The SE needs to ensure that any question that a customer creates or we create follows the framework, monitor the performance of the test (how many people clear the challenge and what % get offers?) and provide the right recommendations to tweak the test, to increase the onsite -> offer ratio.

Our hiring process:

[1] Solve this coding challenge: http://hr.gs/se-challenge-2017 Once you qualify the coding challenge, you will have the next set of interviews.

[2] Invite you on-site where you will meet your team, VP, and CEO. Consider this as a mix of an interview as well as getting to know the team, the good parts & things that need to be fixed. We believe it's very important for both of us to get along really well.

[3] The discussions will check both your ability to communicate clearly as well as your understanding of Fundamentals of Computer science (data structures & basic algorithms like sorting)

Qualifications: Love for the job & alignment with our mission of Matching every developer to the right job

Good communication skills: Ability to articulate an idea or a thought in a way that the audience understands.

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