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I echo what wwilson has said. I work at Snowflake Computing, we're a SQL analytics database in the cloud, and we have been using FoundationDB as our metadata store for over 4 years. It is a truly awesome product and has proven to be rock-solid over this time. It is a core piece in our architecture, and is heavily used by all our services. Some of the layers that wwilson is talking about, we've built them. metadata storage , object-mapping layer , lock manager , notifications system . In conjunction with these layers, FoundationDB has allowed us to build features that are unique to Snowflake. Check out our blog titled, "How FoundationDB powers Snowflake Metadata forward" [1]

Kudos to the FoundationDB team and Apple for open sourcing this wonderful product. We're cheering you all along! And we look forward to contributing to the open source and community.

[1] https://www.snowflake.net/how-foundationdb-powers-snowflake-...

That's impressive! Are you going to contribute your changes to foundationdb back?

Where is the object-mapping-layer ? Inside the db in c++ or a service (different process etc) outside of it.

Latter. It's a Java library used by our services.

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