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> Cavicchia was in charge of forensic investigations at the bank. Through Palantir, he gained administrative access to a full range of corporate security databases that had previously required separate authorizations and a specific business justification to use. He had unprecedented access to everything, all at once, all the time, on one analytic platform. He was a one-man National Security Agency, surrounded by the Palantir engineers, each one costing the bank as much as $3,000 a day.

I've long thought that the "secret sauce" of Palantir is just that signing a Palantir contract gives executives a reason and excuse to pull together data that had never before been indexed against each other.

I mean, if you take any old dumb BI platform and give it access to data that people have not previously connected, you're going to get new insights.

Someone once described Palantir as a data mapping consultancy that marketed itself as a software platform.

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