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Thiel is an exercise in contradiction. "In his view, the best way to avoid such scenarios in the future would be to provide the government the most cutting-edge technology possible and build in policing systems to make sure investigators use it lawfully."

Prevent the police state by building the police state.

Is it really? I think what he's trying to say is that we should have tools powerful enough to let the Government find/track people efficiently and correctly as long as there is a lawful reason for doing so. Its similar to the weak crypto arguments where Govt. agencies argue they should be able to break crypto protocols via a backdoor when there is a lawful reason to do so.

That being said: the PATRIOT act and NSA's PRISM program have shown just how blatantly the US Govt. can abuse individual privacy and rights so I don't think its a good idea. Weak crypto using backdoors is just a terrible idea period.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the logic make sense in principle even though in practice it wouldn't work that way.

Perhaps what he's trying to say is, "I like money and power."

"The logic" in this case is a proposition about how beings behave. That is, "We can build the largest prison system in history, give law enforcement unlimited surveillance powers and not expect massive injustices." That is simply wrong. Human beings are not like that.

For someone as deeply entrenched in Tech as Thiel you would think the "in practice" part would be quite clear to him.

Honestly I'd really like Thiel or someone else to explain this. He strikes me as too smart to be that dumb.

And then hire Palantir to monitor the police as well.

Contradiction? You’re too kind, he’s a straight up hypocrite. He used “privacy” to kill Gawker, in part because he didn’t like their coverage of his ventures.

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