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Let met get this right you ae cool with "corporations" doing this with zero oversight but not with law enforcement and TLA's who have at least some legal oversight.

Are you are also cool with companies in the past hiring pinkertons to kill people also - because that's where your argument is leading.

The difference is that corporations closely monitor only their own employees while Palantir closely monitors EVERYBODY.

Corporations take an interest in tracking people only to stratify them into groups suited to specific ad strategies. The worst their errors will do is pepper your browser and email with bad ads.

Not so with Palantir when their tracking data can misguide police departments, credit agencies, and even your employer into making your life a living hell. Surely any company with that much power must be held MUCH more accountable than they are now.

Palantir doesn't really _do_ anything. They don't collect the data, just save time/man-hours spent processing it. If that's your stance, Oracle/IBM are just as evil because they also sell to police departments to enable analysis.

Facebook on the other hand is actively collecting the data. Without Facebook that database does not exist. In my mind that makes them far worse.

I think it's not a fringe opinion that Oracle/IBM are just as evil. I don't have a strong opinion on this issue at this point, but just saying.

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