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there is no rule or authority in anarchism. ancaps advocate a voluntary society.

Anarchocapitalism does not allow someone to opt out of the concept of property. That is not a voluntary society. Capital owners are the authorities in anarchocapitalism. A truly anarchistic society would have no private property.

of course it does. you can choose to create a commune, nobody is going to stop you unless you try to create it on the property they are homesteading in.

I didn't voluntarily agree to respect other people's purported ownership of property. They have authority to keep me off of their property that I didn't agree to. That is a non-voluntary society. Property ownership is inherently non-voluntary, otherwise it isn't ownership.

We are off-topic here, and it seems you ve made up your mind already so i ll just leave this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarcho-capitalism

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