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This is probably my favorite question, and the reason why I like Palantir, but tell everyone not to bother buying it. The most common "low-tech" tools used by analyst's across the board are IBM's I2 Analyst's Notebook, ArcGIS (or something similar), Excel, various external databases, and Microsoft word. To super dumb-it-down: You use external data bases and excel to collect initial data, you use i2 to visualize it, you use ArcGIS to map it, then you use Word to write a report about it. Palantir does all these things on it's own, so in theory you'd only need to buy and utilize one product vs multiple. The problem is that it does each one fairly sub-par as compared to the more common "low-tech" options. You have to deeply invest in Palantir, and have them build in the customization necessary to really make it shine within your department. Unfortunately that ups the price significantly, so many agencies are buying essentially the off-the-shelf version and then complaining that it doesn't do what they need it to do.

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