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if libertarianism is equated with fascism then i believe we have at last reached peak fascism

edit: liberatianism is by its nature less demo-cratic because it reduces the "kratos" part of democracy but it is not fascist because it is not authoritarian. anarchocapitalism is its conclusive endgame.

Anarchocapitalism is authoritarian rule by capitalists, where property is valued above all other rights.

there is no rule or authority in anarchism. ancaps advocate a voluntary society.

Anarchocapitalism does not allow someone to opt out of the concept of property. That is not a voluntary society. Capital owners are the authorities in anarchocapitalism. A truly anarchistic society would have no private property.

of course it does. you can choose to create a commune, nobody is going to stop you unless you try to create it on the property they are homesteading in.

I didn't voluntarily agree to respect other people's purported ownership of property. They have authority to keep me off of their property that I didn't agree to. That is a non-voluntary society. Property ownership is inherently non-voluntary, otherwise it isn't ownership.

We are off-topic here, and it seems you ve made up your mind already so i ll just leave this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarcho-capitalism

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