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I feel these issues are orthogonal. There are plenty of nice people who have no commitment to freedom or privacy, and there are plenty of assholes (and even assholes-to-women!) who are also pretty passionate about both.

If they are orthogonal, then the conjunction is maximally informative...

Excellent point, now that you mention it, let's bring Trump and deep learning and 90's grunge into the discussion to form a maximal eigenbasis of discussion

Except most of those have no bearing on the conduct of Palantir, obviously, while the character of Thiel very much does.

That's not obvious. In fact, it's quite likely that my reading Trump's tweets and news along with my internet history from the early 2000's indicating an interest in Nirvana may have a weak correlative effect in a deep learning system that indicates I am slightly more susceptible to committing certain crimes or personality affects.

Ergo, can we all refocus this discussion of universal privacy rights violation on my partisan social group interests?

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