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> it may come as a surprise that a non-insurance, non-government business holds more private data about an individual than Facebook does

Where in the article is that stated?

I guess I should've prefaced my comment that it's more of a response to the comments that existed here before I posted - most people just stated that they don't care and they were aware of the fact that such businesses have all this information.

In the title?

It’s clickbait. It doesn’t state it or give a citation for it anywhere in the actual article.

Yeah, but you edited your post to specify "in the article" after I'd posted. At the point of my reply, it was correct.

I don't think it's directly stated in the article. But with a little common sense we can probably safely assume that a company that is designed specifically to analyze huge amounts of data for law enforcement agencies, governments and 3 letter agencies will probably have a lot more data than Facebook.

In fact, we can probably also assume that people's Facebook data has already been inputted in Palantir's system as just another data source.

Sure that's a lot of assumptions and probabilities, but on the other hand: Peter Thiel.

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