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Or worse, at some point that information is available to people who actively want to hurt or stalk you. Every bad divorce leaves at least one person with an axe to grind. It’s only a matter of time before collected information gets to adversary hands.

As someone who recently left a very abusive, toxic workplace, I see this as a reality.

I'm going to have to dredge it back up, but I was just reading a rather alarming tale from a medical assistant. She had a child come into her practice, saw obvious signs of abuse, and filed a supposedly anonymous report - as she's legally mandated to do.

The abuser of the child, a parent, apparently harassed the agency that received and forwarded the report until they gave up that "a medical practitioner had filed the report", which narrowed it down to a single practice.

At which point then the abuser was able to call the practice, get a record of who had seen the child, and even get their work schedule.

Even tiny leaks are a major problem in these cases.

And really only adversaries will be willing to go through that trouble.

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