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Funny, I pronounce it "ess queue ell" because it was originally called "SEQUEL". But now it's not. So it's distinct.

It's interesting how two people can use the exact same justification to come to two totally different conclusions.

Psychologically, confirmation bias and/or plain ol’ rationalization may be at play

I'm with you. If I was using Sequel, I'd call it Sequel. Alas, I'm using SQL, so I call it S-Q-L.

I suppose I look at it the other way...the makers intended for it to be called SEQUEL, and because of copyright issues, they changed it to SQL. It doesn't change the fact that they really wanted it to be SEQUEL. Similarly, I still call SciFi network SciFi and not SyFy, because the original name was SciFi, and they only changed it because of copyright issues.

It looks like the Sequel is winning in the poll vs S-Q-L too!

Sci Fi changed its name not because of copyright issues, but to distance themselves from science fiction. According to Wikipedia, the trademarkability of Syfy was of less import than the unambiguous spelling and the ability to justify 70% non-scifi content.

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