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Today is Programmer's Day (wikipedia.org)
240 points by guffshemr on Sept 13, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 38 comments

  Mother's Day & Father's Day - 
    Their times per year is one,
  But every day is Programmer's Day
    If you want to get anything done.

That page has been deleted - you need:


<GrumpyOldManMode> <rant> Do people not check that their submission actually works? What testing do you people do when you deploy software? </rant> </GrumpyOldManMode>

I re-added the redirect. Redirecting "Programmers Day" to "Programmers' Day" seems perfectly reasonable, and I'm unsure as to why it was deleted in the first place.

It seems to work now.

It is a major peeve that Wikipedia does not redirect the browser eg from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Programmers_day to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Programmer\s_day properly. So if you copy an URL you end up with the link that will redirect, not the "proper" page.

An appropriate problem for Programmer's Day?

It works now because someone has set up the redirect.

Not his fault, i tried to post this too a few hours ago but removed it because something seemed to be going on with the redirects, basically there are two pages, one with 's and one with s'... and at the time of my posting the links were continually swapped.

Now that's here, can some russian HNer provide additional info on this? Looks like is legit, but i doubt it is celebrated as it deserves in Russia ;).

It is totally legit, an official holiday in Russia since last year. However, we here have such days for a lot of different professions, so of course none of them are days off work, just days of vanity and recognition :)

It appears legit. Also, Russia has long tradition of professional days dating back to Soviet times. Construction Worker's Day, Teacher's Day, Paratrooper's Day, Collective Farmer's Day.. so why not? :)

This is a recent update. When I posted the link, there was no such info that the page has been redirected.


    > This page has been deleted. The deletion and move log
    > for the page are provided below for reference.
    >   * 02:31, 21 September 2006 Kylu (talk | contribs)
    >     deleted "Programmers Day" ‎ (content was
    >     : '{{db-r1}}#REDIRECT: Programmer's day')
Looks like it was deleted in 2006. If not, my bad and my apologies.

But let me ask - you cut and pasted the link - did you check it worked by clicking on it from your submission? The reason I ask is because most people don't know that HN strips the apostrophes from links. If the page you saw on WikiPedia had the apostrophe, and you cut-n-pasted it, it won't have worked, but you will have thought it did.

Lucky me! I was born on programmer's day just under 2^5 years ago. This is perhaps my happiest birthday yet. :-)

Congratulations. You just gained a bit.

That's assuming he did not turn 30 :P

sweet. Guess you were born to do this. :-)

The article doesn't say anything about this: what do you do on Programmer's Day? Do you still go to work, but just maybe mention that it's Programmer's Day when talking to co-workers?

Most novelty holidays are like this: on Wear a Hat day, you may wear a hat. On Yoghurt Day, you may eat yoghurt. What's the purpose of a holiday that only exists in name, and has no traditions to go along with it?

Your relatives and friends congratulate you, and you get drunk in the evening with colleagues.


(Don't even ask how Militia Day is celebrated)

Don't know about Russia, but here in Bulgaria we celebrate it by drinking bear, making small games, writing useless programs, and maybe doing some pranks. Basically, same as any other day :D

Time to break out the Ye Olde Fortran or a bottle of Klein's.

Lots of congratulating and patting in the back amongst Hacker News Users

Is there any tradition establsished for Programmer's Day? We should maybe try to follow in the steps of whyday and say: "It's your day, be creative with your code and have some fun!" or something like that.

As one of my coworkers exclaimed: "wtf are we doing here at work?!?".

Deleted. Not Deleted. Peace and Happy Programmers Day!!!

What a brilliant idea! Now it's just up to us to make it at least an unofficial holiday all over the world.

Somebody should make one of those greeting card type things, but in a geekier way ... hmmm ... first of all, Did YOU remember to wish happy programmers' day to all your mates? Let's at least make it a trending topic eh

In Russia, programmers get the respect they deserve!

Not entirely sure I'd agree. The article doesn't mention that anyone actually observes it. I suspect the conversation is something along the lines of...

Programmer: "It's Programmer's Day today!"

Boss: "Shut up and work."

Programmer: T_T

Only, ya know, in Russian.

Програмист: Сегодня день програмиста!

Шеф: Заткнись и работай.

Програмист: т_т

In Soviet Russia, day programs you!

Let's hope capitalist Hallmark never hears of this 'holiday'.

My birthday is an off-by-one of Programmer's Day.. that can't be a good thing.

Does it fall on Programmer's Day in leap years?

Sound's like you're a buffer overflow exploit.

Mine is today! I guess I am your fence post.

I hope I'll get flowers...

Was there something programming-related to celebrate on 10/10/10?

Not programming related but kind of geek related...

Ubuntu 10.10 on 10/10/10 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickReleaseSchedule

America needs more holidays like this.

When is Developer's Day?

It coincides with Pedant's Day.

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