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> with new features like a virtual Pizza Builder that brought pizza toppings to life on users’ screens.

Ha! I worked on the first version of that! It was actually launched in 2002, not the 2007 indicated on the timeline.

To be fair, their designer gave us a flash file of what they wanted, so my part was implementing it along with their new CMS when it that launched, and writing a vanilla JS version to go alongside the flash version... but it still holds up today as the most visible of all my projects, even though the builder itself was mostly a one-day job.

"None with left beef"

Cool project, well done. Not a bad thing to be known for! I'm pretty sure I used it in Australia or Thailand as well as the US. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we briefly considered something similar for our current venture's UI - http://8-food.com/ - but have decided against it as we do too much variety to make the same approach easily viable.

that's cool! what does it feel like to use your own tool to order yourself a pizza?

I imagine it's cheaper, for one ;)

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