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> Even if a house costs $2M in SF, you can earn that in a few years on an engineer's salary.

Yes, because everyone knows that average engineer in SF earns ~400k per year.

I have to bang a drum here, because it's a really important drum for HNers to hear and internalize:

It is factually the case that AppAmaGooBookSoft pay mid-career professionals in the engineering track approximately that at whatever the local equivalent of Senior Engineer is, and Senior Engineer is a level that everyone in the engineering track who is not fired is expected to get to.

Don't forget tax and living expenses (rent isn't cheap). Saving two million on a single engineering salary is going to take closer to a decade than a few years.

If you can save USD 2M in ten years, and buy a house outright then you are in a position to get a mortgage on said house in a much shorter timeframe.

Whoa, so it's going to take ten whole years to own a house? ...and that's considered bad?

I was addressing the original assertion that an engineer could save enough for a house in a few years.

My approach was to save and then fun as far from the Bay Area as I could. Much quicker.

There's a bit of wiggle-room between "is it even possible to get rich" and "average salary".

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