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What does the boring company make? I saw bits of it as a bit of a joke... ?

Is it Musk's approach of making a traditional company and flipping it on its head?


The company name is somewhat tongue in cheek, but also apparently straight up literal in some sense.

they make tunnels and outfit them for various modes of transportation. it's not a joke. i can't imagine any better way to make it clear that something isn't a joke than to put $100 million into it.

Is $100m really enough to build a state of the art boring machine and get all equipment/labour to actually build a tunnel?

That's just shy of the cost of building (drilling?) the longest road tunnel in the world, in Norway, which has really high labour costs. So I'd guess it goes a long way (pun intended).


Enough to get started and enough to get more money eventually. Its a market, lets see how it gone go.

I have no idea what $100m is enough for, all I know is that Elon Musk gets more done per dollar than anyone else alive.

Really? Care to give some examples?

Yes, SpaceX and Tesla.

You said words, but there's no substance, how does SpaceX and Tesla in any way prove that "Elon Musk gets more done per dollar than anyone else alive" exactly?

Well, they take dirt and turn it in to a big, long, nothing. AKA a tunnel.

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