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Show HN: Effortless – Stay focused and beat procrastination on your Mac (itunes.apple.com)
16 points by Hernanaracena on Apr 16, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

I'm very easily distracted, a habitual phone checker and struggle with my ability to focus. As a result my co-founder and I decided to make a Mac app that has a simple plain-text todo list, and which displays your current task and a countdown timer on your Mac’s menu bar. I feel that by seeing the task that I’m working on at all times it’s harder for me to get sidetracked, and the timer creates an artificial constraint that keeps me focused. I hope you find it useful, I really would love to know your opinion.

This seems really nice, I've been looking for something like this however for another use. What I'm planning to use this for is keeping track off what I'm doing. Since I very frequently lose track of what I'm doing if I'm for instance solving some problem or if I'm learning about a new tool or program.

Sander let me know if you see anything we can improve we are still working on it!

Will do!

Edit: A normal application in dock would be nice, since I use my mac with the menubar hidden most of the time and switching to the app using cmd-tab is handier. Possibly with and indication of what is currently going on to like you currently have in the menubar. Your system wide shortcut already provides some of this functionality but because macOS manages the menubar so badly it looks bad. An example: https://imgur.com/a/ilZjD

Yeah I would like to have it in the dock too because when its full screen I can use cmd-tab and its easy to go back to the task that I'm supposes to be working on. I love that idea, I'll let you know when we have a new update!

I will, hopefully next week we will have it

Just read your comments, very nice! I'm looking forward to it. Hackernews is nice in being focused on content but a notification of having a reply would be nice ;)

So far using effortless has been really nice apart from missing a dock app. Effortless is really simple and does exactly what it needs to do. Thank you for making this app!

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